As a new writer with a new blog, I am constantly overwhelmed by established writers’ sites. Many of you will already be clue-ed in to these gems but I’m still getting there and reminding of their continuance surely helps us all.

It’s not just the extent of informative comments and essays but the specifics required to mould and hone said ‘new-writer’ et al, into credible writers in their own right.

With a medical scientific background like mine, specifics truly are what constitute the difference between success and failure and in the medical situation – failure is definitive.  Academic brilliance alone will not save a life. Hands-on expertise, albeit with sound academic knowledge, will.

Writing, it seems to me at this stage of my development, draws a close parallel and the joys of reading the output of published writers’ of all genres, can only add to the background knowledge essential to success as a writer.

The following encounters left me mildly speechless this week.  Brian MacKenzie’s SuperHero Nation at and Simon Morden’s Metrozone at