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It’s a beautiful morning – as they say here with no modesty whatsoever, “Beautiful one day, perfect the next.”

Colourful parrots are squawking in the garden as I head for the beach with my coffee and “someone’s baby” from my to-be-read pile.

The latest “Tallest … since…” is near completion and I must say it is a pretty building.

It’s hot and I walk along the fore shore rather than the beach – there are shady trees further down. But what’s this?

Pirates in Paradise?”

It’s the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships for 2012 and they are busy shaping, others contemplating, these works of art as the Pirate theme emerges from the sand. They are huge, amazingly beautiful and delicately carved. One of the artists wears a pirate scarf knotted under his hair at the back and with the seas behind him really fits in.

But I think I know where the treasure is buried. I had an indicator of it in January and at the time almost bobbled my latte. The most beautiful rainbow stretched across Surfers Paradise and so high up in the sky. It took my breath away.

Where does it end?

Perhaps I’ll follow these Meter Maids as they weave their way through the crowds – clad in gold lame and sequined bikinis, do they know the way or are they merely on hand to save someone’s day from the dreaded parking inspectors.

… and what would I find in that pot?

Well, heaps of the character outlines I’ve wished for and their POVs on everything. A few pirates amongst them, in nature if not in clothing apparel, and perhaps a Call for one of my “babies.”

Now finding that fabled pot would make my tomorrow “perfect.”

The Australian Sand Sculpting Championships are coordinated by Sandstorm Events :  www.sandstorm.com.au