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  1. Hiya Wendy Sue

    I see your name pop up from time to time in genealogical circles as something of a guru on all things Lehman. I wonder whether the following appear in any of your records?

    1 Mary Ann Elizabeth WHITE b: 2 JUL 1853 d: 13 AUG 1941
    + Joseph William PEEK b: 1846 d: 15 APR 1922
    2 Olive May PEEK b: 25 DEC 1884 d: AFT 1972
    + William Hart LEHMAN b: 1874 d: 25 AUG 1940
    3 Frederick William LEHMAN b: 12 FEB 1913
    3 Jefferey Norman LEHMAN b: 25 JUL 1915
    3 Gerald Lindsey LEHMAN b: 11 JAN 1921

    Mary Ann White was the daughter of my great great grandparents, Samuel White and Margaret Walsh, and the sister of my great grandfather, Joseph Frederick White. Unfortunately, JFW’s birth in Adelaide was unregistered, an all too common feature of those days. The gap in the records has made researching this portion of my family rather difficult.

    I have been trying for some years to find and perhaps correspond with descendants of the PEEK side of things, without much success. A recent find provided the Lehman link above and so here I am – chasing rainbows maybe, but forever optimistic.

    Are you aware of this branch of the Lehman clan and if so … do you know of anyone I might correspond with to seek some common ground?

    Good luck with the writing adventure … I look forward to seeing you on my local library shelves one day.

    Keep smiling

    (Peter White)
    Merimbula NSW

    Database at

  2. Just received some additional info – seems like the people I need to locate/contact are Jeffrey Norman LEHMAN’s Adelaide born daughters, Frances Hart LEHMAN (b.1943) and/or Anne Hart LEHMAN (b. 1953).

    I know it’s a long shot, but do you know of either these ladies?

    Appreciate your advice if you do.



  3. Hi Pete,
    Sorry for the delay – being ‘en vacances’ is a time consuming business.

    The Lehmanns of my lot came to SA in 1838 – 1848 so we managed to acquire a badge as a Pioneering Family.

    I rather doubt there is a connection from early times – ‘double nn’ and retention of Germanic names, in our case, well into the 1900s. A WWI great Uncle managed to drop an ‘n’ briefly – joining the Army in another state, leaving behind the Ludwig Herman and signing on as Harry Leeman. However more recent branches that I am not even going to consider in my Genealogy adventure, may well have changed the spelling of their name.

    Also, I would have loved to call Darren Lehmann cousin but lots of separate Lehmann families evolved around the Barossa and Gawler area and further north.


  4. whitey said:

    Hmmm … when I saw the single ‘N’ Lehman I suspected that may be the case, Wendy Sue, but I’m pretty much out of options and had to give it a try.

    I produced a nicely framed photographic family tree for my daughter’s 40th birthday a couple of years back. It contained the complete set of photos back to my wife’s and my G-Grandparents …. except for poor old Joseph Frederick White who departed this life leaving hardly a trace of his existence and apparently no photographs. And that’s a shame because my research suggests he was quite a remarkable fellow. He’ll just have to remain a B&W silhouette on the family tree.

    So it’s back to the drawing board again. Somewhere in this haystack there’s bound to be a needle.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply – I really do appreciate it. Sorry you didn’t make it to the ACH 50 yr reunion a couple of years back, it was well attended and a lot of fun. I’ve kept in occasional contact with one or two of the old crowd over the years, but for the most part the reunion comprised a lot of strange faces to me at first. Funny how quickly it came back though, even 40-plus years after I moved away. I’ve never regretted the move, but it was good to catch up with people even if only for a day or so.

    Maybe next time.

    Keep smiling


  5. Peter White said:

    Happy birthday for Saturday, Wendy Sue. I think/hope my memory serves me correctly on the date.

    AND … unless I’m very much mistaken, this coming birthday is a BIG one for both of us … darn it. Can’t fight the march of time though.

    Anyway, hope your day is a happy one spent with folks who are important to you.


  6. Thank you Peter and many Happy Returns to you too. I’m trying to ignore just how big it is… 🙂

  7. whitey said:

    Happy Birthday for Sunday, Wendy Sue – hope your day is everything you would wish it to be.


  8. Dr Peter G Lehman said:

    Hi Wendy
    Perhaps you are ‘en vacances’ again. I sent an email to your gmail address last Sunday, but have had no response.
    With best wishes. PGL

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