With Schoolies about to begin here on the Gold Coast – for those abroad, it’s the end of school celebrations for senior school leavers –  I was thinking this week, that I feel a bit like that.

They’re celebrating a definitive end to childhood, and an entry into the adult world. For me, read published Author, but we are all brimming with great ideas, enormous hope and vitality for the road ahead, awareness of some of the pitfalls, we’re ready to participate, even hold back a little or take that giant step – all of it.

So that’s me, a teenager in the field of creative writing – an unpublished author, suspended in a time warp. However, with my childhood a fairly distant echo, I’m finding other skills gained at great expense and time like my golf handicap; add frustration-carefully managed to the mix;   😉  and fluctuating on the cusp of A-grade, opened up the world of competitive sport.  Even if I largely avoid this rich seam of Heroes and heroines in my stories, it’s a learning experience on how quite a large group among us these days think and carryover these thought processes to other aspects of their lives.

Experiences of all kinds and the time to consider them in this fast-paced world are gifts too few of us get the chance to enjoy fully. I’m hoping my Heroes and heroines take every advantage of mine.