Welcome to wendyleslie‘s blog. This year has been a revelation for this writer – with a Romance Writers Conference and a first novel under her belt, many new and enthusiastic friends, fresh ideas and a nerve wracking few months ahead awaiting “The Call.”

As a Medical Science professional, the switch to creative writing has been as dramatic as the change from technically inspired passive voice to the active dynamism of real life characters with Goals, Motivation and loads of Conflict.

The unstinting help and genuine advice given both in person and online by my fellow devotees to this writing genre has been phenomenal. My aim for this blog is to progressively add information that has been helpful to me and to encourage others to join in the fun and write.


It’s been a week and with baby steps, I’ve added more information to my Dashboard and am enjoying the discovery process. I find deletion of mistakes, whilst a good learning process, most difficult when remnants remain and refuse to go away. Never mind, my heroines find a way and I will too.

Speaking of heroines, my second lady is currently helping me put her story – just as she wants it, on the page. It could be construed as interference but I like the feel of a team effort. As long as the Hero stays where he is designated, all will be well.

I’ve spent the last week getting used to the stream of Twitter notifications arriving in my email inbox. For those who are ‘following me’ at the moment, stick with me. I’m reading them all with great interest and following links to everyone’s blog or website.