My first encounter with “Writing Romance” occurred in the early 1990’s by chance as a listener to a radio program where Valerie Parv was a guest discussing her new book, “The Art of Romance Writing.”  I ran out and bought a copy.

I was totally enchanted, still working full time, participating in further studies in Medical Science, and generally too busy to do much more.

So “The Art of Romance Writing” sat beckoning, stationed between Muir’s Pathology and Dacie and Lewis’s Practical Haematology for the best part of a decade, whilst I read sections, tried my hand at short stories and thoroughly enjoyed creative writing.

I mentioned this to Valerie at the recent Romance Writer’s Conference in Melbourne and it brought a smile to her face. She said she liked the idea of her book firmly ensconced amongst the Pathology tomes in my office.

Needless to say, my genre is “Medicals” – and Thank you, Valerie Parv.